Where we come from...

As of the Fall of 2021, North Jersey FC has been redeveloped into the organization we are today. Formerly North Jersey FC and JC Motown. The new-look NJFC was founded to bring the idea of soccer being available to all right to center stage in the North Jersey community. NJFC continues to build a platform for a range of players that will one-day house the recreation level player and the performance-driven athlete at the same time. With teams and programs playing at different levels, all players can be given the opportunity to play. From first time players to college soccer players, NJFC has and will continue to be the club where anyone can truly LIVE THE GAME.

Good Players, Great People

Good Players: NJFC players are given the opportunity to take as much from the sport as they are wiling to give in. Those who play to just play and develop are welcome. Those who aspire to challenge themselves to continue their growth in a performance-driven environment are welcome. Those who want to go on to compete in high school, in college, and even after college are welcome. NJFC, like the beautiful game, welcomes all players.

Great People: There are moments in life that are more valuable than what first meets the eye, and soccer is one of the places where these moments are endlessly occurring. The "NJFC Way" includes instilling habits, attitudes, and skills that our players will take with them for the rest of their lives. The beautiful game allows us to teach and develop today's youth into tomorrow's success.

"The important thing about football- the most important thing about football- is that it is not just about football." -Terry Pratchett

What does "LIVE THE GAME" mean?

The term "LIVE THE GAME" comes from our club belief that it takes more than just the four main pillars of player development to grow and succeed in soccer. The four pillars that everyone always mentions (Psychological, Technical, Tactical, and Physical) are absent of what might actually help a player the most- LIFESTYLE. The lifestyle pillar essentially explains what a player does in their everyday life and the impact it has on their abilities on the pitch. The life of a professional soccer player revolves around soccer, as they are provided with everything they might need to succeed. North Jersey FC believes that it is our directive to provide the resources possible for our players to truly immerse themselves in the beautiful game- which will in turn multiply their passion and drive to work harder and get better. The opportunities provided to our players continues to show that NJFC continues to promote the "you get out of it, what you put into it" ideology. 

So how can we provide our players with the resources to truly LIVE THE GAME?

Player Education on topics such as nutrition, hydration, res, recovery, and injury prevention.

Countless opportunities to train and play more in addition to just specific team training sessions and matches.

An experienced, focused staff that is always available to answer questions on anything soccer!

The ability to play competitive soccer and not have to bust the bank either.